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Where Do I Start?

 •  Are you tired of dealing with confusing, and often exorbitant 

card processing fees?

•  Have you stopped trying to make sense of monthly merchant statements entirely? 

 •  Are you being overcharged for services you already use, yet you're unsure what to do about it? 

You're not alone.


We Have The Simple Solution

Jock Lowndes is our industry leader, who takes pride in offering a professional and hands-on approach - combating the maze of confounding card processing fees.

With years of insider knowledge behind him, Jock now focuses his expertise on offering Canadian businesses a system of advocacy and personal support when navigating through confounding merchant statement and agreements.

Together, and without out-of-pocket expense, Jock works to organize your fees and charges - breaking them down into decipherable line items - ensuring they can be easily understood.

From there, if we determine your rates to be higher than what we know to be fair, a strategy can then be developed in order to maximize your future savings.


We guarantee peace of mind, with every interaction.

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